A Special Gift Especially For My Lover

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When you receive a gift, what's your feeling about it, surprise, happy or exciting? For me, I will feel happy and exciting whatever gift I receive. When my birthday comes, my friends and my families will give me various wrapped gifts. The wraps are colorful and bright. I feel thrilled and open the wraps. At the moment when I catch sight of the present, the happy emotions fill my heart. Thanks for them all. They are all so kind to cherish me and love me. I will remember their kindness and do my best to repay.

Now it will come the Thanksgiving Day. It's the nice day to give and receive the gift, to my families, my friends and my lover. I began to ponder what kind of thanksgiving gift to give even one month ago.

I can't forget my parents. They are the persons who are devoted me best. I should give them something special to express my gratitude. Maybe a pair of glove and a piece of scarf are good, which will make them feel warm.

What about my friends? I should think about it. The gift should be practical and useful. When they see the gifts, they will remember me.

Then what kind of gift should I buy for my lover, my dearest friend and lover? I must give him something most special. Should I give him a tie, a watch or a bag? They all seem too common.

I once thought of give him a bag. Because he always go business trip, I want to give him a bag that will be very convenient for him. But I also think a bag should be given in the day of his birthday.

In this cold Thanksgiving Day, something comfortable and warm should be sent. I told myself. Maybe something for wearing was better.

A piece of sexy lingerie! The idea hit upon me suddenly. The soft and textured lingerie must look very warm and sexy. When I made my mind, I began to act. I listed the gifts in a paper first and began to go shopping. The process of buying gifts was also enjoyable and joyful.

After the gifts are being bought and wrapped, I collected them carefully. I waited for the Thanksgiving Day patiently. I wanted to give them all a very big surprise.
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A Special Gift Especially For My Lover

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This article was published on 2010/10/01