Birthday Gift Ideas for My Boyfriend - 3 Tips for Choosing the Right Gift

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When your boyfriend has a birthday coming up, for some of us ladies it is panic time. How do you choose just the right thing that will not be too expensive but that he will love?

Choosing the right birthday gift is hard, even for someone you know really well like a boyfriend. It is hard because you want to give him something original but that is "safe" enough that you know he will like it.

It can help to have some tips about what guys like and appreciate. After all, buying for him is nothing like buying something for one of your friends.

If you are saying, "I need birthday gift ideas for my boyfriend," here are 3 tips to help you choose just the right gift for him:

1. Tune into his particular brand of guy-vibe:

Start your birthday gift shopping by getting into the right mind-set. You need to tune into your man's "guy vibe." There are lots of ways of being a guy, and it is not necessarily one-size-fits-all. Here are a few guy vibe types that might fit your boyfriend well:

* Mr. Competition: loves all things competition, whether they be sports, business or in daily life

* the intellectual: gets off on being a smarty-pants, loves to read and surf the 'Net for information

* the creative: likes to express himself through songs, acting, or writing

* the lone wolf: this guy, also known as the bad boy, projects an independent image and likes to be known as someone who does his own thing

* the hands-on man: this guy is always out in the garage, outdoors or around the house working on and fixing things with his hands

See which one matches your boyfriend's style the best, then find a gift to match.

2. Focus on something that is fun for his type:

There are two elements of a great guy gift: fun and practical (for practical, see #3). In terms of fun, each of the guy vibe types shown above can be matched with a fun and exciting gift. Fun gifts can be defined as those that will make the little kid in him come out and play. Whether it is exploring the world of sports, books, art, motorcycles, hand tools (or whatever), a fun gift is an appreciated gift.

3. He will also appreciate a practical gift:

Along with fun, you should consider getting him something practical. Sure, it is totally okay to buy for your man a gift that is just fun, plain-and-simple. But, if you can find him something fun that he can actually use, again and again, as he does his thing, you will have a hit on your hands.

Consider these 3 tips as you find birthday gift ideas for your boyfriend.

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Birthday Gift Ideas for My Boyfriend - 3 Tips for Choosing the Right Gift

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This article was published on 2010/10/21