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Key projects in Zhejiang Province?? China Gift City (Wenzhou Gift City) in China? Longgang, gift distribution centers and the National Information Center, is a civilized standard three-star market in Zhejiang Province, a total investment of 1 billion yuan, floor area of 30 million square meters, the city gift gifts home and abroad are nearly 5,000 production and marketing enterprises in setting up headquarters, offices and Proxy , Hundreds of thousands of sales force across the country.

2003 China National Light Industry Council was awarded the "China Gift City" title to become China's gift industry large scale, the radiation more than 30 countries and the world's most influential professional market, the market turnover in 2003 1 billion yuan In 2004, turnover of 3.0 billion market, in 2005 the amount of 5 billion yuan market transactions; market short-term goal 3 to 5 years, the annual turnover of up to 30,000,000,000 yuan.

Wenzhou Gift City, State Instrument Group Co., Ltd. is subsidiary company, located in the south of Zhejiang coastal Yangtze River and Pearl River Delta's second largest economic region of the intersection and was at home and abroad as "China Gift City" in Wenzhou Longgang town . Gift Wenzhou city invested 280 million yuan a market area of 90 mu, building area of 67000m2, is currently only a modern professional gift market. Trading range of about 50,000 square meters, from the 1000 hall-style stores of different sizes and composition.

Market in the November 6, 2001 open to, a collection of thousands of gift production enterprises at home and abroad, including office stationery products for gifts, brass gifts, crystal gifts, leather gifts, household items, jewelry, gifts, celebration gifts, Promotional Gifts , Printed materials, smoking set of gifts, all kinds of prizes, badges and other 35 categories, about one hundred thousand kinds of products. Attracted the occasion of opening various types of enterprises and users to come to purchase orders, sample processing. Average daily traffic over a thousand people.

City of Wenzhou Gift advanced facilities fully functional. Market are equipped with central air-conditioning systems, escalators, freight elevators and other advanced equipment, the same time, with a warehouse, parking, loading and unloading consignments, star hotels, banks and other market accessibility for business users and buyers to create a comfortable business environment to provide comprehensive management services. The market advanced management concept, focus on the physical market and the simultaneous construction of the invisible market, the Chinese city of Wenzhou gift site ( connected with the Internet, for the gift of the production and management of information exchange platform. Gift Wenzhou city management professional reasons provided scientific and standardized management and services. The city of Wenzhou gifts into "based in Wenzhou, for the whole country and the world" and "gift distribution center", "Gift Exhibition Center", "sample display center", "R & D Center" and "industry management and service center" is their goals; the cultivation of civilized norms market, quality and credibility of the firm up the city is their belief.

Province: Zhejiang City: Wenzhou Address: Cangnan Longgang, Wenzhou Long King Boulevard

Contact Contact person: Miss Wang Tel: 0577-64251111 64250111 Fax: 0577-64250000 Website:


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Gift Wenzhou City (Longgang Gift City) - Wenzhou Gift City, Longgang Town Gifts, Gifts - Gifts & Crafts Industry

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Gift Wenzhou City (Longgang Gift City) - Wenzhou Gift City, Longgang Town Gifts, Gifts - Gifts & Crafts Industry

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