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The oscar award ceremony is a very fascinating event for everyone. But it comes only once a year. Now on dealextreme.com, there is an annual list of star products in 2010, which makes the atmosphere just as fantastic as the Oscar Award. If you are interested, come to dealextreme.com and see some of the 2010’s best of the best.
As digital cameras have come into every family’s life, this 10-inch flexible digital camera tripod is universally useful. Made of hard plastic, it is more endurable than most other tripods made of brittle plastic. On each leg of it, there are nine flexible ball and socket joints, enabling the tripod to be twisted into any shape to support the digital camera. On whatever kind of uneven surfaces, it can level out your digital camera, which is the reason why this digital camera tripod has been widely welcomed by mountain climbers, campers, jungle explorers and wildlife photographers. Besides, it can be furled into a very compact size, making it possible to throw it into your travelling backpack and take it with you everywhere. Furthermore, its link attachment screws into most digital camera sizes, making this tripod a best-seller all over the globe.
In 2010, iPhones have prevailed all over the world. Therefore, this genuine Apple stereo earphone with microphone for iPhone 4 has also been super hot. Those who would choose iPhone are very much likely to appreciate its convenience in listening to music, watching video clips and playing other cell phone games. All these functions have to be perfect only with a pair of genuine Apple stereo earphone. There are even convenient buttons on this earphone to let you adjust volume on your iPhone. With a pair of this earphone, class breaks and the time spent in waiting for buses or trains will no longer be boring. You will absolutely be stunned with its perfect sound quality. Furthermore, the microphone on it makes calling and answering calls much more convenient, too.
Another smart gadget is this 1900mAh USB rechargeable external battery for iPhone 4. It is a perfect tool for long trips as a backup when your iPhone 4 is out of battery. Its high capacity offers you a worry-free trip, and you can recharge it as long as there is an outlet. It also comes with USB date and charging cable, too.
However, if you want to experience the excitement of the Oscar Award in advance, go to dealextreme.com. Pick a few best-sellers as gifts for yourself.


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Oscar Award at Dealextreme

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Oscar Award at Dealextreme

This article was published on 2011/02/25