The Psychology of Gift Giving

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Gift giving is part of the human behavior. This topic has long been a favorite subject for studies for psychologist and even marketers alike. The act of giving gift sets has been pointed out to be a very complex and consequential part of how we humans interact. But with all the hassle of crowd, commercial spirit, and traffic most of us are tempted to just forget about it completely.

While not giving out gift sets may be the tempting option to go for, we have to put in mind that this practice not only strengthens our relationships with our friends and family but also helps us define our connection them.

Studies have shown that men by nature are very practical when giving out gift sets and are more conscious with the price while women on the other hand are more into the aspect of giving and receiving gift sets with emotional value or significance.

Then again, as we always say it's not really the cost that matters.

Cards always come with gifts; these are little notes that say our well wishes for the recipient. While it is easy for us to just grab a Hallmark Card in one of the shelves, it would be nice to venture for card making. Not only will it cutback on the costs of the entire gift, it also adds a personal touch to your present.

When doing card making, you do not necessarily have to be too sentimental. Card making doesn't have to be strenuous, it's just a matter of playing with your imagination and letting your creativity flow in. Depending on the occasion, you need to come up with a theme.

Card making doesn't require a lot of things and even the basic ones only require paper, sheers, glue and colored pens and you're off to start your own card. You can even just do calligraphy or draw a picture or whatever it is that you have in mind as a design.

To even cut back on the cost, you can just borrow the materials from a friend or from someone who is into scrap booking. They surely have all these materials readily available, even your kids have these in their backpacks.

Your gifts will not be the only thing that is worth keeping; your personalized card will make a good keepsake. Knowing that someone took the time and spent a lot of effort making them a personalized gives the sense of being extra special. Not only that, it also saves you from being frustrated seeing your gift going to the trash days after.

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The Psychology of Gift Giving

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This article was published on 2010/11/07