Treating Grandma on her Birthday

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Giving some extra thought to the kinds of things that are precious to her can make the birthday gift endeavour much easier for the giver and more meaningful for grandma. Because she is a grandma and has grandchildren, the ideas can flow easily because grandchildren are most often grandmothers' most prized and cherished possessions. Any gift that centres on the grandchildren and fond memories will most assuredly be one she will treasure. 

Going along with this idea, lovely picture frames to encase memories of her cherished grandchildren will always charm and please, and if you can find an older photo with a special significance, perhaps of you and grandma together, to include with the frame, the gift will be even more meaningful. There are even some frames that serve as vases. A small flower bouquet can be presented with the gift so that when she unwraps the framed picture, she can display it as a centrepiece on any party table set to celebrate. Jewellery is always a stand-by gift for almost anyone, and there are locket bracelets and necklaces with charms to fit tiny icons of smiling faces of her grandchildren. 

Tickets to a play or movie that you and grandma can enjoy together are a nice idea for a present that will create more fond memories of a time you enjoyed, and also will give grandma something to look forward to after her special day is over. 

Any homemade gift by you is sure to please, and the time you spend in its creation will be something grandma may appreciate even more than something store bought. A special dessert served in a crystal dish or on a silver platter that grandma can keep is another type of gift that will serve to add to memories of her birthday. Creating a festive gift basket with fruit, nuts and other healthy goodies is another idea sure to please. Patchwork quilts can be designed with squares of memories if your talents will allow.

Above all, the greatest gif that you can give is your time. Set some time aside to spend with your Grandma, even if it’s just a couple of hours when you can pop round for a cup of tea and a cake (all the better if you supply, or even make, the cakes). Birthday gift ideas that are a reflection of you and include you or any of her grandchildren will be special to your grandmother.


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Treating Grandma on her Birthday

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This article was published on 2011/04/08